My babe

Someone asked her on anon. If we go out again. And she goes were married! Haha damn that’s some good love right there and no more worries bout anything. Damn this is the good life :)


I’m just tired of everything because everything is going wrong in my life and idk what to do . I just wanna drink my day away. I really don’t need all this stress right now and if you really love someone you shouldn’t have any competitions . So whenever the day you realize you had someone good I might be gone because my heart has already been broken plenty enough and if I keep going on like this there won’t be any heart left at all…

Fairytales stories

I used to believe in happy endings but now its just a memory that I can’t get out of my head


I just want things to be better but I know that’s not gonna happen anytime soon

This is for the special girl

You have always had my heart from the get go but in the beginning I was a total asshole to you and shit and you were the nicest girl ever but I changed you and now you don’t give a fuck and you blow up easier but I still love you . We aren’t together now but that’s Okie Imma wait til the day you are ready to become a couple again . We both did bad things to each other but idc I really wanna get back with you so Imma look past it all and drop all the bad things just so we can be a happy couple again because I miss all the things we used to do and the cute little things we did but i know that day will come again soon so til then Imma try everything in my power to get us back I love you <3 special girl <3


Haven’t been on this shit in forever

"The past is history. The future a mystery. But today is a gift that is why its called The Present".